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Your Time-to-Market is reduced by automated software testing’s contribution to optimizing development workflow. Automation testing for quality assurance is more thorough and consistent than manual testing. Nonetheless, test automation is cost-effective for small and medium-sized enterprises with constrained budgets and time frames. Combining automated and manual testing yields the most accurate test results, essential for challenging projects. Lotus will fully engage in the testing process and assist you in selecting the testing type for your project.



Test Automation Strategy Development

We build a comprehensive test automation plan that is effective by taking into account the software requirements as well as the development, QA, and deployment processes. As an alternative, we can develop a thorough test plan that centres on an automation testing roadmap.

Testing environment setup & configuration

After developing a plan of action and a strategy, we configure the ideal testing environment. It is to ensure proper resource monitoring while running test cases smoothly for all the targeted devices, platforms, and browsers.

Automated Test Data Generation

Also, we set up an automated process for creating combinations of comprehensive and organized data input and output. To make sure that your software programme is tested from every angle, both automated tests and human testing are necessary.

Automated UI Testing

Our automated testing services include UI Testing as a crucial component. We handle the planning and creation of test cases, the creation and upkeep of scripts for trustworthy automated verification of the new features, and UI regression testing.

API Testing

In order to rapidly and effectively assess software functioning via API and check integrations, we also plan, design, and construct test cases as well as create and maintain scripts. For API testing, we use Postman, JMeter, and unique tools.

Performance Testing

We design test cases and create and manage scripts for performance test automation as part of our automation testing services. It applies to all application layers and the systems that support them (including load balancers, networks, databases, etc.)

Test Script Migration

We offer services for test script transfer to Selinium for test scripts created with other frameworks and platforms. It is necessary for standardizing test automation tools and procedures throughout the organization.

CI/CD Pipeline Implementation

For the purpose of building and putting into place the continuous integration pipeline, we work with the DevOps teams. Continuous testing must be integrated into it, and tests must be executed automatically after each and every modification to your program.

Lotus Automated Testing Advantages


  • Easy scripting (like QTP)
  • Reduced complexity enabling increased productivity.
  • Test suite execution functions allow for multiple tests to be executed together.
  • Component-based architecture reduces maintenance costs.
  • Customized exception handling
  • Code DOM capability
  • Support for Windows APIs & Controls


  • Lotus Data Accelerator – creates a mechanism for managing test data allowing for tests to be data-driven. In addition, functions that validate back-end data are also included.
  • Lotus Object Manager – creates/manages objects using a simple GUI in a centralized repository.
  • Lotus Report Accelerator – provides standard reports in HTML/Excel format.
  • Lotus Scripting Framework – can be implemented with a keyword or functional decomposition style scripting solution.


  • HP Quality Center/ALM
  • Open-source test management tools
  • Build/Deployment/Continuous Integration tools.
  • Open-source code management/version control tools


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