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For any organization, choosing ERP software is a significant decision because it is closely tied to essential business operations and has the potential to improve client satisfaction. It is crucial to have a successful roll-out with the appropriate features and benefits to guarantee an optimized return on investment. With the high failure rate of ERP implementations, having a thorough QA plan and competence is essential. In addition to consulting, implementation testing, test automation, roll-out, upgrade, maintenance, and production support, we also provide testing services for the entire lifecycle of the ERP programs. We have experience with numerous well-known Oracle & SAP ERP modules, including Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Procurement, Order Management, Human Capital Management, Financial Accounting, and many others.


We provide the best outfit from both open-source and private tools. Lotus’ business-driven and structured testing strategy, customers may achieve quicker time-to-market, more affordable deployments, and higher-quality products. With the Finance, SCM, Service Contracts, HRMS & HCM, Procurement, and Manufacturing modules, Lotus allows functional & regression testing. It offers a full range of ERP Testing services, including technical modules, integration, configuration validation, and consultancy.

Verification & Validation of the life cycle

Including services for data migration, business flow mapping, and validation

Upgrade Testing

Analysis before and after installation, as well as functional and technical upgrade confirmation

Security Testing

Analyze ERP application risks and effectively generate accurate control evaluations.

Patch Testing

Patching, System Integration, Upkeep, Performance, Rollout, and Test Automation

Agile Testing

For continuous integration and delivery, establish highly standardized agile testing procedures.

ERP Package Lifecycle

Reusable test assets repository for the entire ERP Package lifetime

SAP Solutions

We are ready to assist you with any SAP testing you may be doing. Our in-depth familiarity with SAP technology guarantees a seamless process and precise results. Here are just a few of the things we can do for you.


We are prepared to assist you with managing the relational database management system, which may be one of the most intricate pillars of your complete ERP system.

SAP Hybris
We know how to make omnichannel e-commerce and product content management function best for you.
SAP Success Factors

We can provide the best SAP testing solutions around the globe because of our deep expertise in HR, payroll, and SAP technology.

SAP BI & Big Data

We can use BI and Data Analytics to strengthen your competitive edge, backed by our in-depth knowledge of SAP technology.

Testing EHPs/Upgrades

You can rely on us to ensure that all versions and packs of your system are integrated seamlessly into your end-to-end approach.

SAPUI5 & SAP Fiori

To ensure the optimum user experience, we’ll incorporate these potent tools into the user interface.

Dedicated SAP Test Center

We have gathered the top technological professionals and knowledge bases to provide the best SAP testing solutions.

SAP Testing Assets

Using our resources, including SAP technology, equipment, and expertise, we can provide the best testing solutions.

Oracle Solutions

Ensure your Oracle investment pays off with tangible improvements to business processes. Our specialized solutions will guarantee that your Oracle upgrades and implementations are suitable for their intended usage, not merely for use.

Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS)

Our expert services assist in validating upgrades and implementations of Oracle’s dependable integrated business processes platform.

Accelerated Targeted Testing

With our Oracle-specific prebuilt tests and process models, you can test more quickly and effectively, reducing test cases and increasing coverage, thanks to our accuracy.

User Acceptance Testing

Your rebuilt Oracle platform will operate flawlessly in business and user situations and satisfy all customer needs.

Oracle ERP Cloud

With increased speed, scalability, flexibility, and integration capabilities from the Cloud, we’ll let you concentrate Oracle’s powerful RDB technology on the functional area or functional areas that will benefit your organization the most.

Customized Test Automation

Using our knowledge of automated frameworks and tools, we’ll tailor a system that optimizes automation for your business processes, goals, and project scope.


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