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A QACoE helps companies optimize application quality and improve business and IT alignment. We at Lotus use best-in-class and proven frameworks, methodologies, and tools coupled with our in-depth testing and domain experience to deliver end-to-end Verification & Validation Services. Lotus’s Offshore Testing Center has the infrastructure and capability to remotely execute performance, security, usability, SOA & mobile testing projects at significant cost benefits. Lotus has established a QA competency center by standardizing test processes, putting best practices into place, and utilizing cutting-edge tools to ensure the delivery of a product that is both affordable and of the highest possible quality with the help of a highly qualified and experienced team of professionals.


  • Defined organization (RACI)
  • Knowledge preservation
  • Dedicated core test team
  • Flexible resource pools
  • Shared test services
  • Staff training and certification
  • Knowledge management
  • Continuous improvement and innovation


  • Risk-based, business driven
  • Testing Approach
  • Adaptability to changes and updates
  • Standardized guidelines and templates
  • Early estimation and planning
  • Industrialized work package control Transparent service menu


  • Explore Test tools
  • Test environment management
  • Reusable assets and accelerators


  • Alignment with business objectives
  • KPI and Service Level Agreement structure
  • The strategic, tactical and operational governance model
  • Forecasting and Resourcing

Lotus QA CoE Implementation Process

Lotus Advantages

  • Through our focused approach, we will help maximize your ROI on software testing, minimize production support with fewer defects, and deliver the highest level of satisfaction to customers.
  • Lotus can help lower costs and improve testing delivery by Implementing industry-accepted and enterprise standards.
  • We Employ the latest tools and testing methodologies and identify and implement demonstrated best practices applicable to your program.
  • Deploying customized testing models built with Lotus’s extensive field experience.
  • Centralized delivery model and defined and refined test processes.


What our clients say about us

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